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Corporate Social Responsibility Framework


The Hwang Capital Group (‘HWANG’) philosophy on Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) is about engaging internal resources to not only operate as a profitable business but one that does so by taking into consideration the four focal area of CSR, i.e. the workplace, the marketplace, the community and the environment.

For the workplace, HWANG is committed to:

  • providing a safe, harmonious and conducive working environment for its employees;
  • creating opportunities and rewarding achievement and performance;
  • recruiting based on identified criteria, qualifications and abilities needed to perform the job;
  • ensuring equal opportunity for all in recruitment and selection;
  • building mutual trust and respect and encouraging every employee to feel responsible for the performance and reputation of HWANG; and
  • promoting the well-being of employees through remuneration, benefits, and provision of training, development and opportunities for career advancement and give further assurance by following all employment laws and regulations of the country.
For the marketplace, HWANG will:
  • build mutually trusting business relationships in order to have a favourable impact on the economy and development while preserving the Company’s reputation and ensuring good financial returns;
  • promote a healthy marketplace by upholding an ethical business culture;
  • expect employees to maintain a high standards of propriety in all forms of business dealings; and
  • engage with shareholders and investors through the media, website, Annual General Meeting/Extraordinary General Meeting, meetings with analysts/investors, corporate briefings and road shows.
For the community, HWANG will:
  • work together with the Community in helping the less fortunate to better their current circumstance;
  • return to the community, not only in terms of funds and donations, but through the act of volunteerism;
  • aim specifically to enhance quality of life in such areas as community development, education, sports and health; and
  • facilitate opportunities for deserving students by providing educational assistance in terms of scholarships and internship with the Group.
For the environment, HWANG is committed to:
  • preventing our products and services from being used for illegal financing activities which could tarnish the Group’s reputation; and
  • making continuous improvements to the management of operations and regulating its impact on the environment.
Donations and sponsorship may be considered for causes that are in-line with HWANG’ ideals, i.e. in support of sustainable projects, to encourage self-sufficiency, promote health and/or sports.

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