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Investment Banking Division

Our Investment Banking Division products and services are managed by a team of experienced investment bankers. The division is organised as follows:

  • Debt Markets (DM)offers various forms of financing such as structured and project financing, loans syndication, bridging loans, private debt securities (PDS), medium term notes (MTN) and asset backed securitisation (ABS).
  • Equity Markets (EM) offers various advisory services such as initial public offering (IPO), rights and bonus issue of shares, private placement of shares, corporate reorganisation, privatisation, restructuring, amalgamation, divestments and acquisitions.
  • Treasury and Markets (T&M) offers corporate deposits, interest rate and currency hedging products, fixed income trading and distribution through our access to the inter-bank markets.

Debt Markets (DM)
In addition to Debt Capital Markets, the team focuses on Corporate Banking services that offers and manages debt financing solutions for corporate and institutional clients. These solutions comprise of structuring, arranging and placing debt securities/issues to investors both within and outside Malaysia via Ringgit Malaysia and foreign currency denominations.

Debt Markets offers the following products:

  • Straight Debt offers plain vanilla debt securities issuance i.e. bonds, commercial papers/
    medium term notes
  • Structured Debt offers issuance of debt securities with unique structures such as asset backed securities (ABS), collaterised loan obligations (CLO) and structured notes
  • Corporate Banking products i.e. bridging and syndicated loans


Our Objective
To originate, structure and deliver customised and innovative financial solutions to our clients through debt capital markets.

Equity Markets (EM)
The team focuses on corporate finance advisory and equity capital markets services. They originate, structure and deliver customised financial solutions to our clients within a wide range of corporate transactions, namely:
  • Initial public offering (IPO) for companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Privatisations
  • Spin offs
  • Joint ventures
  • Leveraged/management buyouts
  • Issuance of equity and equity-linked fund raising such as rights issues, private placements, restricted issues, issuance of preference shares and bonds with warrants
  • Corporate valuations, underwriting, corporate and debt restructuring and independent advice
Our Objective
Our aim is to originate, structure and deliver financial solutions that will add value to our clients.

Treasury and Markets (T&M)
Through our Treasury and Markets team, we provide asset and liability management services to clients mainly in terms of analysing and structuring foreign exchange and interest rate hedging, in addition to trading and distribution of fixed income instruments.

Treasury and Markets product offerings are as follows:

  • Acceptance of authorised term deposits
  • Hedging
  • Inter-bank deposits and placements
  • Treasury Bills
  • Bank Negara Malaysia Bills
  • Cagamas Notes
  • Negotiable Instruments of Deposit
  • Bankers Acceptances
  • Malaysian Government Securities
  • Private Debt Securities

Our Objective
To ensure client's satisfaction and commitment in providing the most dynamic and effective solutions, we strive to provide an innovative, precise, secure and value-based solutions to them.

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